Welcome to my blog! First off, I want to give you a little information about myself. I am a freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech for short. I am planning on majoring in biomedical engineering here at Georgia Tech. I was born in Guatemala but moved to New Jersey with my parents when I was only two years old. I can still speak, read, and write in Spanish fluently since both my parents speak Spanish home and taught me it.  I have two younger sisters: Isabel, age 14, and Celine, age 10. I also have a pet turtle named Elvis who I got for my seventh birthday. This year I am really excited to start college and make new friends. I am excited to learn about and join a lot of new clubs, sports, and activities around campus.


There is more than one reason why I have decided to start this blog. Yes, one main reason is because I have to do it for my 1101 English class, but it is not the only reason. I have chosen to start this blog because I want to be able to express and share my views on certain topics. Also, I would to like to improve the way I communicate my thoughts and ideas to other people through the written word. I want to try new ways of writing and expressing my thoughts besides the traditional essay and I think writing this blog can help me do just that. Here I can really express my views the way I want to and I can add pictures, videos, etc. that will help me express my views and help my readers know exactly what I am thinking.